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She Said / He Said – Our First

April 30, 2012

She said:

We just had our first swinging experience last weekend and it was AMAZING!

Hubs and I came to the decision that we wanted to do full swap with any couples that peaked our interest. We were lucky in the fact that soon after joining a local online site for swingers we were contacted by a local couple – we’ll call them Mr.& Mrs. Primocouple. We felt like they were a cute couple and there was an instant attraction.

A week and a half later we met the couple for dinner and had such lively conversation so much that we shut the place down. My husband picked a neat Jamaican restaurant in Pasadena that had outdoor seating. It was kind of hilarious that the staff continued to clean up around us as we spoke about things of interest to each of us. The husbands hit it off right away and discovered that they had many interests in mind – more so than, I think, the wife and myself had in common.

We finally decided to call it a night after talking with each other more than 30 minutes past closing time. Hubs and I walked them to their car, gave hugs good night and walked to our vehicle. We were still excited even though it looked like we were going home without having our first experience.

After driving off we talked about what we liked about the couple. Hubs asked me if they had asked if we wanted to play would I have said yes? I told him, ‘Heck, yeah!’ Not even three minutes after that affirmation my husband’s phone began to ring. It was the husband calling us to see if we wanted to get a room. Right away we said yes! After hanging up we had to take a couple of deep breathes. I had to tell my self that we were not going home right then. We were on our way to a hotel with a couple that we had just met face to face that night. We were in a state of shock, delight, unbelief, and so much more.

After getting the room we waited for them to show up. They had taken a quick detour to get some things from their house. Thankfully, we had packed what we call our Emergency Sex Kit. We’ll talk later about what was in that kit.

They came up to the room and we chatted a little bit about nonsense topics. I kept thinking about forum posts I’d read where couples had talked way too long after making the decision to play. I decided that wasn’t going to be us and quickly turned the conversation to ground rules. What were their ground rules and what were ours. Like I wrote above, hubs and I had talked about our ground rules up one way and down the other before we even got to this point and knew that we wanted full swap. Thankfully, they wanted the same thing.

Things quickly got started when the wife said that she was going to go ahead and take off her dress. I quickly followed suit and before long we were all naked and experiencing a love sandwich in the middle of the room! I was kissing her and she was kissing me while the guys felt us both up from behind each of us. My first kiss with a girl!! It was almost an unbelievable moment.

Soon, we quickly switched off, she with my husband and me with her husband. Kissing, hugging, nuzzling, eating pussy and sucking dicks. It was awesome! A little strange having a condom in me again, but it was necessary.

She is multi-orgasmic. That was an experience. I never really knew what that meant. Thankfully, my husband LOVES to eat pussy. He took her over the edge again and again. She couldn’t get enough of him. Towards the end her husband and I just sat there and watched them while he sat behind me caressing my boobs. Quite relaxing, actually.

I just remember this sense of pride coming over me. It was pride over the fact that my husband really knows how to eat pussy and can do an amazing job at taking the ladies to heaven and back.

I can’t wait until our next experience with this couple!

We got home at four in the morning. I’ve never gotten home that late before! I guess I was a good girl growing up and never experienced such things. Once we got home we were all hyped up and had sex again with each other. It was such an amazing night 🙂 Looking forward to finding new couples to play with.

~ Mercy ~

He said:

To say I had the jitters was an understatement. This will come up in another post, but the swingers lifestyle is an anathema to how we have been living. To make a date with another couple where there is a possibility of exchanging wives was mind blowing to me. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime.

But it did and it was fantastic!

For the previous week, Mercy and I talked about everything under the sun about this date. Feints and contingency plans abounded because we didn’t know what to do. We solicited advice from any and everyone. We bought supplies for our kit, rehearsed lines, made sure our stories were straight, et. al. To say we over prepared is an understatement.

The night finally arrived and being the man I am, I tried to play it cool. I was cool right up until they arrived at the dinner table. Then cool left and panic set in. My heart was pounding through my shirt. Luckily, we had so much in common with them that the panic didn’t find a solid purchase.

Like Mercy said, we closed the place down. The restaurant closed at 10 and we were gently asked to leave at 11. Of course we were the last ones there; the conversation was too good to leave. The best part is, the conversation never was about sex or the lifestyle  at all. It was about the four of us. We had so much in common it was uncanny. The husband and I liked the same music, we had musical backgrounds, and had similar growing up experiences. The wife was warm and very caring and sweet; someone you can trust. I remember looking across the table at her and thinking that I wanted her right now, but I had to wait.

We walked them to their car, shook hands and hugged good bye then turned to our car to leave. Here is where it gets good: I am somewhat theatrical and I have a sixth sense about people watching me. I knew they were watching us walk away, so walking next to Mercy, I put my hand on her ass and squeezed gently. I nuzzled her neck and drew her close all the while walking slowly back to our car. We talked about the food and the neighborhood and a bunch of meaningless stuff as we walked together, I wanted to make sure Mr. & Mrs. Primocouple got a good view. I wanted to make them desire this and wish they had it. It worked.

They stayed in their car and watched as we walked to our car. As soon as we got in, they left. We drove around Pasadena still in high spirits and talking about the couple and the night. Just before we entered the freeway, the phone rang. I started shaking. When I looked at who was calling, I knew what was coming next. He was nervous in asking but Mercy and I were enthusiastically affirmative. We set the place to meet and drove there maniacally, nervously, lovingingly laughing all of the way.

When we exited off of the freeway and we stopped at the light, the hotel came into view. All I had to do was cross the street and I was in unknown territory. I remarked that crossing the street is akin to a “Bridge of Sighs“. Once we cross, there’s no turning back. When the light turned green, I floored it. I had been hyper-cautious my whole life. Time to squash some of that.

Mercy and I went up to the room and sat down. We talked about everything we could – rules, guidelines, etc. – just to make sure we knew. We freshened up, paced, laughed maniacally for a while and waited. When they arrived, my heart started beating. When I looked at his wife at dinner, I knew I wanted her, but now I wasn’t sure. I was so nervous it affected my performance. I had one trick. I love to serve. If she wanted penetration, I would try but  I made it my purpose to serve her and my wife as best I could and put my own failure behind me. I apologized twice for it and then forgot about it. I kissed, licked and sucked her from head to toe. She was responsive and tender and loved attention. I wanted to learn her so that next time, it would be better. To me, that was better than anything else, so I gave as much as I could. I can’t wait to get back together with them. We really connected. For a first time, we were lucky.

And the sex with my wife afterward was so much better! 😀

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  1. pas de nom permalink
    May 14, 2012 11:34 am

    Hi M & B –

    So it says this adventure started when you joined an online site for swingers.
    But that’s not how it really *started*, now is it?

    What brought you to that site – to deciding this was something you wanted to explore? Most couples don’t just one day exclaim over dinner:
    “Can you pass the salt and by the way, let’s f*** some new people, whaddya say?”
    What brought you up to the point of posting that initial ad?
    Inquiring minds want to know…..

    • May 14, 2012 9:33 pm

      You are right. It didn’t exactly start that way. I had started writing erotica a month earlier. I didn’t tell my husband what I was writing because I figured that he would just make fun of me. When I finally told him a great weight was lifted. A few days later I decided that I wanted to take my stories down a slightly different path and began researching swinging. I really opened myself up to the idea. Since I had recently bore my soul to blinkspunk about writing erotica I thought that I should keep going with the honesty vein and expressed my interest in swinging.
      He was in a state of shock and disbelief, but eagerly agreed that he wanted to try it out. One of these days we’ll post about his constant, daily state of giddy disbelief. It’s pretty funny and cute at the same time.

  2. July 6, 2014 11:56 pm

    What were your rules prior to the swap?

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