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Busy, Busy Month Ahead

May 10, 2012

We constantly troll the swinger’s site that has become our favorite, looking for possible new playmates. We tend to be a little more aggressive than most. No, we are not pushy, but we send out lots of notes that are a little more than – “what you guys up to?” The online social skills of some boggle my mind. Be courteous, be polite, and for love of swinging, spell check before you send off your message.

Our typical message usually compliments something in their profile that we find interesting. Then we end our note with “We’d love to get together over coffee, drinks, or dinner. Hit us up if you are interested.” I would say that we get a great response back at least 85% of the time. The other 15% are non responses. At least 40% of the people actually try to schedule something with us. I don’t think it’s because we are hot babes or anything, but I think it’s because we are real and genuine when we write to people.

So, this weekend we originally had two dates set up, but Mr. & Mrs. Primocouple had to cancel because Mrs. Primocouple came down with something. We were bummed because they were our first and we were looking forward to a rematch, but we will probably reschedule with them another weekend this month. We still have a date set up for Saturday with a new couple, B. & F., that we’ve had our eye on for a while.  The good thing about this couple is that they live in the same city that we do and they can host. I was a little put off with the fact that B. brought up some of their rules during our email discussion. I feel like that should wait until we are having dinner. Am I being too particular?

Next weekend we have one potential date with another new couple –  O. & A. We’ve been wanting to get with them for a couple of weeks now, so I hope that we can solidify those plans.  We also have our first party next week. Totally stoked about that! The following week we’ll be attending a midweek meet and greet with a couple that we had to cancel on a couple of weeks ago. Then we’ll finish month off big with another visit to our swinger’s club for an overnight on Memorial Day weekend. Busy, busy!!


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  1. pas de nom permalink
    May 14, 2012 11:24 am

    Hi Mercy,

    Just found your blog and look forward to reading every word!

    In response to:

    “I was a little put off with the fact that B. brought up some of their rules during our email discussion. I feel like that should wait until we are having dinner. Am I being too particular?”

    *We have found that it is best to discuss what couples are into as far as rules, play styles, etc (at least the basics) BEFORE that first face-to-face. Our free time is limited and we do not want to waste our time (or theirs!) when it isn’t going to lead anywhere because what we’re looking for and our play styles are completely different.

    • blinkspunk permalink*
      May 21, 2012 9:25 am

      Blink here. I see your point, but here is what I’m finding:

      Rules change upon meeting. When we met with the couple face-to-face, they changed their rules. If you want to draw a line before you get the lay of the land, you’ll make people nervous.

      Rules are made to be broken. When we were buck-naked on the bed, they changed their rules again. I had to repeatedly check with the husband to make sure it was OK if I did what the wife wanted. It killed the boner…slightly.

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