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She said/He said – More Relaxed/More Experienced

May 14, 2012

He said:

OK, so we had a playdate this weekend with a new couple ( B & F) and I must say it was not as nerve-wracking as the first time. In fact, it was quite pleasant but with some oddities. We met at a local restaurant close to our homes (we live in the same city) which was a good idea. I was already tired from a long day and the idea of driving far, far away was not appetizing.

When we first saw them were were surprised at how short they were. I’m 6′ 5″ tall (with the Afro, 6’10” ~Fletch) and my wife is 5′ 6″. My wife wore heels so her height was about 5’9″ – 5’11”. F stood at 5’3″ in heels, and B stood at 5′ 8″ in his deck shoes so yeah, they were short. Not a problem for me and it wasn’t a show stopper at all but it was interesting because she was nearly two feet shorter than me. We made small time chit chat, men to men and women to women, while we waited for the table.

Then they dropped a bomb. She was pregnant.

And I nearly shit myself. In my head I said “What the Fuck!” To them I said, “Congratulations!”, and shivered a little. The idea wasn’t revolting while being fascinating at the same time. But I was piqued because they were so casual about it. I expected them to call off, to say that they were taking a hiatus but they did not. I didn’t back out of it either. I wanted this experience but I feel morbid about it now.

Dinner was OK. They ate before they came to the restaurant so we settled on appetizers and dessert. We talked a lot; touched on the lifestyle, hobbies and interests. F was very outgoing. I was turned on by that (I hate mousy, one-word answering women)  and also by the sun-tanned cleavage. B was not as outgoing. He kept talking to me and only me. I felt he should be getting to know my wife better to make her feel more comfortable with him like I was doing with his wife.
WHISPERING: guys, swinging doesn’t start in the bedroom. It starts at the first meeting and ends in the bedroom. Seduce at dinner then fulfill in the room.
Then we finished up, walked outside and made the decision to play. They hosted us at their house which was nice. They were very good and gracious hosts. We made small talk for about an hour and then we played.

F was really responsive and very sexy. She was thick, but her body was firm. She also knew what she wanted. I like to communicate during sex – I don’t take the passive approach. I am pretty assertive and I’m in constant communication with the woman during the whole session (I can’t think of a better word. Sorry).  She was not multi-orgasmic, but I had her cumming a few times early during play. I had a hard time staying hard because:

  1. I haven’t used a condom in twelve years. The sensation was dulled and
  2. I was concerned about my wife. You’ll read that below.
  3. I couldn’t expunge the fact that she was pregnant *shiver*

B had about five or six beers (two in the restaurant and three at home) so I was worried that he wouldn’t perform well with Mercy. I’ll let her tell you about the experience but I was rankled by the amount he was drinking. F and I had moved to the floor for more space but I could see my wife and it was apparent that the sex was not up to snuff. I’m not blaming the drink, but it may have been a contributing factor. He had five beers. In my opinion, way too much.

We then dressed, said our thanks and goodbyes and drove home. During the drive, I spoke with Mercy about the evening and her response was “No more men with small dicks.”

Hear, hear.

~Blink Spunk

She Said:

Okay, so this was only our second playdate. That’s what I have to tell myself when I try to compare it to the last playdate.

Conversation was good during dinner and I really liked the wife. She was outspoken and friendly. The husband was a little strange, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as being nervous. He sat across from blinkspunk and she sat across from me. By the end of our dessert I knew that I wanted to play. The fact that she was pregnant didn’t even enter my mind – afterall, they had only found out they were pregnant the day before.

As blinkspunk said, we drove to their house and chatted for a while before playing. Blinkspunk and I sat on one couch and B. & F. sat on the other couch. We finally decided the time to play was upon us and retired to the bedroom. The couple had a nice queen-sized four post bed that was nice and high off the ground. After just a minute or two I removed my dressed and stood there in my bra, panties, and thigh high stockings. Everyone else began to get undressed. B. kept his shorts on and sat on the bed. I felt like he wasn’t going to be the one to make the first move, so I approached him and began kissing him on the lips, neck and shoulder.

I won’t go through all the details because they aren’t that exciting, but suffice it to say that I was the dominate in our play time. I didn’t like that. The other thing that I didn’t like was the fact that my husband and F. spent most of their time on the floor where I couldn’t see them. They were on the floor because the bed was a little on the small side and blinkspunk, who is tall, was having a hard time doing all that he wanted to do to F. with myself and B. on the bed.

I was doing my best to give B. a good time, all the while I could hear F. as she came several times at the hands of my husband ministrations. Yes, her orgasms were a turn on, but keep in mind that I couldn’t see him fucking her because they were on the floor. When blinkspunk and I debriefed after the playdate we came to the decision that going forward we always want to be able to see each other, and that I (him also if the woman ends up being kind of bland) will request that we come together for a fun time all together instead of completely swapping.

The only two times I came close to cumming during this playdate was when F. was licking my pussy and when blinkspunk was licking my pussy. The unfortunate thing is that I take a long time to cum. I could be flying high for a long time before I actually climax. For people that aren’t used to that I can tire a person out way before they have achieved the goal. Blinkspunk and I have discussed this a little. Maybe he should take me to the brink of climax before meeting up with a couple? Maybe we should start our playtime off with each other – soft swapping for a few minutes before swapping?

The highlight of the evening for me? I had a much better bi experience. Loved F.! Hubby said that she and I are built a lot alike. I was able to make her cum in no time flat. Quite enjoyable and wished that I had played with her more. Now that our playdate is over and I had some major disappointments it’s even more disappointing to realize that we probably won’t play with F. again because she does not have a hall pass. Crazy, but I never even considered that asking for a hall pass was right or necessary, but now – and so soon after beginning my swapping journey – I’m wishing that someone had a hall pass. Crazy!

Oh, yeah. And my comment about finding guys with bigger dicks? Blinkspunk has spoiled me for any other man! His cock is 8″ to 9″ and thick. Does anyone else compare? All I have to say is that they had better come with some mad pussy licking skills to balance it out. Looking forward to finding that man!

~ Mercy ~

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