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He Said/She Said – This Past Weekend – Simply Amazing!

May 21, 2012

She Said:

This past weekend we had a playdate that was rescheduled for Friday with Mr. & Mrs. Primocouple and our first Lifestyle party at a couple’s house that we had only chatted with online.

First – Friday Night

We rented a hotel very close to my work location, so I was able to walk over to the hotel pretty much right after work. My work day was crazy. It seems that Fridays are getting crazier and crazier! The only thing that is getting me through the day is the thought that I will be having a fuck fest that night.

We were meeting the couple at about 8:30 pm, so I had time to get the room, get all cleaned up and dressed for the night. I dressed in my pink teddy and thigh high stockings. My husband asked me if I was sure that I wanted to meet them at the door like that. I totally felt comfortable enough that – this being the second time – we would be much more relaxed with each other. My husband arrived about 45 minutes before they did and when they arrived we greeted each other with kisses on the lips and hugs. Now, I have to say that I’m not totally attracted to this couple, but our personalities click and they are fun to play with. During our texts back and forth they often said “we are looking forward to Friday!” That made us feel good because we weren’t sure that they were that into us.

When they came into the room we greeted each other with hugs and kisses on the lips. They set their things down and we chatted for a bit. We didn’t chat too long, but they wanted to hear about our visit to the club because they hadn’t made it out there yet. After about 15 minutes of chatting Mr. Primocouple came to sit next to me on the bed while Mrs. Primocouple disrobed. This time we decided to get one king sized bed, so while the guys started the night off eating pussy me and Mrs. Primocouple were able to touch, caress, and suckle on each other. Our legs were intertwined while they were raised in the air for easy access.

Mrs. Primocouple is about my height, maybe slightly shorter, and a BBW with thick thighs. Mr. Primocouple is about my height also and a BHM – Big Handsome Male. In our playdates with them so far neither one of them have gotten on top. Or vice versa. Well, blinkspunk has been in the top missionary position with the Mrs., but that wouldn’t work for myself and the Mr.

I know it’s terrible to compare, but the reasons I liked this playdate much better than our first time with Primocouple, and especially better than our playdate last week with B. & F., was for a few reasons. Mr. Primocouple is totally into me. He loves my boobs. I’m sure there is a lot more that he likes about me, but the boobs are pretty obvious. Right now my boobs are a size H and what we fondly call Funbags!

The other reasons that I really liked our playdate on Friday was because we were constantly touching and I could see my husband fucking Mrs. Primocouple – a total turn on.

We took a snack break about 11:30 or 12 midnight and then went back at it again until about 2 a.m. We finally all passed out for about an hour and then they had to go. After they left hubs and I fucked each other’s brains out for about another 45 minutes. Sex with my husband after a playdate is always so awesome! We then fell asleep on the comfortable hotel bed – it was a Doubletree  – until about 9:30 am or 10 am and then headed out to breakfast before heading back to the house and running a few errands.

We then took our girls out for ice cream (we passed on the ice cream because it doesn’t agree with the belly and we had a party to go to that night) and had plans to take the dog out to the park for a run, but sleepiness began to take over. So, we brought the girls home at around 2 p.m. and knocked out until about 5:30 pm.

Later in the night I made a comment to blinkspunk that we should not play the night before we have plans to go to a party because I was still tired after arriving at the party. Not just tired, but  a little sore. I was glad that we had one 5-Hour Energy drink in our sex bag. Worked like a charm!

So, on to the telling of Saturday Night.

The couple who invited us, and were hosting the party, were the first couple to contact us on the first LS site that we had put a profile on. We’ll call them P. and J. They were very forward and showed great interest in us. We were a little put off at first because we are were completely new, but noticed that they are friends with quite a few people on that site as well as another LS site. We weren’t quite sure what to think, but decided to go ahead and accept the invitation. We joked on the ride over that we might be tied up in the basement because they were so enthusiastic.

After arriving at their house, which was a 30 minute drive from our house, we were warmly greeted with hand shakes and a kiss on the cheek. The hosting couple are not my cup of tea as far as attractiveness goes, but they turned out to be very gracious hosts and non-pushy. The party ended up having about 70 people in attendance. Crazy! I totally did not expect that many people. There were people of all shapes an sizes. Mostly white and Hispanic with a few single black men sprinkled in the crowd. The hosting couple had expressed interests in BBC’s (Big Black Cocks) in some of our email conversations prior to the event. There was one other black woman there, but you could tell that she smoked and drank enough throughout her life to change her features. Not an attractive thing for me. She showed interest in me – hitting me up for conversation and getting our contact information with the promise that she would invite us to a party that her and a friend would be having this summer out in Riverside. We probably won’t go, but the conversation was nice.

We met a few interesting people right in the beginning that we had nice conversations with and peppered them with questions about their experiences in the lifestyle. I definitely gravitate towards the people that are willing and open about their history and why they chose the lifestyle.

About an hour and a half into the event I was approached by a single black male. We had a relatively nice conversation – I wasn’t really attracted to him, but he was okay to look at. He was very assertive in telling me that he was attracted to me, thought that my dreds were sexy, and that I had beautiful kissable lips. Was my husband around? No, he was on the other side of the room chatting it up with this older couple that I had to excused myself from earlier in the evening.

I told the single gentleman, who we will call R., that he needed to talk to my husband as well as me because we were a package deal. He attempted to make nice and chatted with both of us later in the evening, but my husband wasn’t feeling cool about him, so it was a no go. It was interesting, though. I was experiencing different emotions and feelings from those that I feel when we are on playdates or when we went to the club. Here, at the party, I could sense the desire of other men, because their stares were obvious. Noticing anyone’s desire for me – other than my husband’s desire – is not something that I’m used to or in tune with.

We had a great conversation with P. and J. who expressed an interest to play with us. They did it in a total non pushy way, though. Again, great hosts.

We decided not to play that day and I’ll let blinkspunk talk a little more about this, but we had a great time going from room to room and watching the activities. Mostly, though, we had great conversations with  five of the couples at the party, including the host. One of the couples that I approached was a white couple with a bad boy looking husband. G. was almost as tall as my husband, bald head, about 290 pounds, a tongue piercing, and a prince albert – that I only know because he told us 🙂 I wasn’t overly attracted to the couple before the conversation, but afterwards – on my god! If we had been DTF that night it would have been on like Donky Kong! I can still feel the sexual tension running through my veins. There was, and is, a definite attraction unlike anything that I’ve had with any other couple that we’ve met in the LS thus far. The wife, H., is blond, probably slightly shorter than me and about the same weight – a very cute and down to earth looking couple. We had several other conversations with them that night, they got our numbers, and introduced us to one of their favorite couples. Is it bad to say that I’m dreaming about and anticipating the next time that we’ll meet? I spoke to blinkspunk about this because it’s a new feeling and not something that I was sure should be happening. Do I desire G. more than my husband? No, definitely not, but I am desiring a play time that might be more exciting than the last three that we’ve had with two other couples.

The party, even though we didn’t play, was really the highlight of the weekend because it promises new experiences in our future. When leaving P. and J. gave kisses and hugs again. P., the wife, squeezed my ass – a subtle promise of things to come during our next visit. Their next party will be towards the end of next month. Can’t wait!


He said:

The weekend was a roller coaster. Hell, the whole month has been a roller coaster, but this week I was pooped. The week passed painfully slow

Dodge Intrepid

It looks a lot like this. But faster. [Wikimedia Commons:IFCAR. All Rights Released.]

but when Friday hit I was rabbit-ready. I had to settle the kids and pick up supplies and navigate through Los Angeles rush-hour traffic to get to the hotel.  I popped a Yohimbe pill (bad move)  and hit the gas in my car. Now, I drive a Dodge Intrepid which is a fast car, but it’s big and I drive like Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

So I’m weaving through traffic to get to my lady-love in this big-ass silver car just daring the cops to pull me over. Thankfully, none did. I go get the lube from Romantix(they aren’t paying me, but they should with all the scratch I give that place) then fight to get on the freeway. I get to the hotel and walk in with about four bags full of food, water, a camera, a tripod, and a suspiciously lumpy duffle bag. All for an overnight stay. The Laker  game is on in the lobby, so I gotta stand there and watch to see if Metta-Ron punches someone. He does, hope is fulfilled; you can always count on Metta-Ron.  The camera and tripod get a lot of stares. I grin like an idiot, shrug and walk to the room. I meet a couple in the elevator and begin a small chat:

“Where are you from?”, I ask.

“Phoenix.”, they say.

“What brings you to Los Angeles?”, I ask.

“ACN Telecom conference?”, they say.

“And you?”, they ask.

“Romantic getaway with a few people!”, I say – loudly. Grinning like an idiot.

The idiot

Not me, but I was grinning just like that.

Dead silence for the rest of the ride up the elevator.

I knocked on the door and my wife answers in her pink teddy with a thong and stockings combination. Instant full-mast. By now, the Yohimbe has started to kick in. I heat up and the blood really starts to flow. However, Yohimbe has a weird side effect on me. I get nauseous. So I start to sweat but I don’t know if it is the supplement or the nausea. I realize I’m taking a severe performance hit with this stuff so never again with the Yohimbe.

My wife and I make small talk, have some warm ups, and I change my clothes. Then the couple comes over. I adore her shape. Very curvy with long auburn hair. Soon after they arrive and some small talk we start in. It’s about 9:30 at this point. The Yohimbe effects are gone. I’m feeling good and ready to fuck. And we did, until midnight, then back at it at 2 AM. After the second session, they left and my wife and I fucked until we fell asleep fucking. I was a husk afterward. Raw and dried out. We checked out, found breakfast and did some family stuff.

That night, we went to our first swingers party. I don’t get ghetto much, but the shit was live, yo! All creeds, colors, sizes and shapes were there. Everything was positive at first. This older couple had come over and the guy was gross. He wedged my wife’s knee in between his crotch and started to try to grind. Luckily, my wife excused herself before I went off. I talked to him and his “date” a while before I excused my self. Too nasty there.

During that time, “R”, came up to me to introduce himself in the worst way possible. Loudly. I’m Black, but I am professional and mild-mannered. This throws a lot of people off, Black and Non-black. People expect me to be loud and brash because of my skin color and when I’m not, they have a hard time figuring me out. That’s good, keep them guessing. My name rhymes with Superman’s Dad, so when he greeted me with a loud “I didn’t know you were Superman’s Dad, you know, Jor-El?” in front of 10 guests, I almost decked him. I stood straight up, shook his hand and got his name and coldly said, “nice to meet you.” He scurried off.

Since we were the only Black couple there and we were friendly and unassuming this attracted a lot of attention. When my wife was alone, she attracted a lot of looks. R was one of those brash brothers, very friendly and too eager; not to mention he was single. When I spoke to my wife after I met R, she told me that she liked the attention he gave her, but she was not used to dealing with it. Then she mentioned that he tried to kiss her and I knew I had to grill him. Shortly afterward, he came over and apologized for being forward and tried to talk us both up. I grilled him on his history and found out that he was married at one time, but was divorced for a few years and that he liked playing as a single male. He nearly begged us to give him a shot. I couldn’t; he crossed too many lines.

Those two funky experiences aside, the party was very good. Mercy and I didn’t play that night because I felt we needed to get the lay of the land. I have performance problems in unfamiliar places right now. I’m still not used to fucking at the drop of a hat so I gotta see what’s blocking that and open up the chakra. It was cool to watch though, but I was kind of creeped out that I and about 10 other people were watching other couples fucking. Fuck, these hangups!

During this time, we met and talked with G & H. Now G was the type of guy I typically avoid. Big, burly white guy with a bald head and a goatee don’t generally appeal to me. My experience with guys like him in the vanilla world were never good. However, just talking to the guy won me over. Super great guy and his wife,  who wasn’t feeling good that night, was very nice. No pressure couple. We hung out most of the night. It turns out that P & J initiated them in the lifestyle, so it may be a fuckfest when we play.

Bring it on


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