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She Said/He Said – Our First Meet & Greet

May 26, 2012

She Said ~

We went to our first meet and greet last Tuesday hosted by S. & K. We originally had a date set with S. & K. a few weeks earlier, but had to cancel because that time of the month came and we weren’t sure what the expectations were going to be. That same couple hosts monthly meet and greets at various locations in mid to north Orange County. We really wanted to go to the meet and greet to meet new couples, but also to save face because I hate having to cancel on someone whom I had previously made a commitment to.

We met at a bar in the City of Orange. It was your regular, loud sports bar. I’m not really into bars because of the loud music and felt that the place was not the best location because the purpose of the meet and greet was to get a chance to meet and talk to people. The music made it rather hard to do that. Besides that we did have a good time. There were about 10 or so couples that showed up. The group was one that was largely comfortable with each other and it was evident that many of them had played together. It was a neat vibe that I really liked and wanted to be a part of. Most of that group live in Orange County, so I’m not sure how probable it would be that we’d spend a lot of time with them, but they were neat. All around our age. We had some great conversations and got invited to a Patriotic swingers party for this weekend. The funny thing is that we’d just decided that we were going to ditch another party on Saturday that we had committed to because we figured that we’d need the rest. We are doing the club this Friday and then again on Sunday evening. But, that’s okay, we’re up for a weekend of fun!


The bar where we met had a burlesque feel. Lot’s of leather, pin-up pictures, studded furniture and the like. It was Taco Tuesday so there were a lot of people and why am I even writing about Taco Tuesday. You don’t care about the location or even tacos. Maybe you do, I don’t know. Go get a taco then come back to read this post.

Moving on, I liked the peeps in the group. All were nice, professional, and not pushy. I had a number of great conversations and managed to remember a lot of names and other stuff which was good – for me. See, I tend to quickly forget people. It’s a problem I’ve had emeritus. I’ll remember the name of  some obscure wine or piece of art that matters to no one, but the person I met yesterday – FORGOTTEN! I think this is the result of having once been in sales and meeting so many people I couldn’t care less about. That malaise has just carried over to my personal life. Though since we started in the LS, I’ve figured that I should remember some names (the women at least) since I just might have sex with them at some point in the future. It’s good to remember that stuff.

That said, meet and greets are kinda weird to me now. I mean, we are all swingers here right? We go to a vanilla bar to meet, but we can’t throw down. We can’t really make suggestive comments, we can’t caress, nothing. So it’s kind of like, let’s be vanilla with people that drop trou at a moments notice. It doesn’t really work for me. Not that I’m hypersexed, but if we click with a couple, I would rather have the bed close by. Even a meet & greet in a hotel is preferable to one at a local bar. I had fun, I truly did, but I’m up for the weekend.



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