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My Seemingly Perpetual State of Giddy Disbelief

June 8, 2012

My Brain is Full of Fuck

My Brain is Full of Fuck

When my wife and I first decided to start swinging, I was elated. Not really over the swinging, but because we, after years of misery, depression and frustration with one another, would be doing something social together. I’ve always loved my wife and I stayed faithful all throughout our marriage, but we’ve never really unified in several areas; sexual direction being one of them.

With this new opportunity, we were taking a large amount of risk, both to ourselves and our marriage. Knowing this, it forced us to open up about a great many things.  I mean really open up about all the garbage that exists in the life we created. We are spending a lot of time in constant communication – confronting our fears between pillow talk, text messages, phone calls, workouts, dog-walking, you name it.

It’s an unbelievable high and I am simply in a perpetual state of giddy disbelief. To hear how Mercy speaks now versus the way she spoke several weeks ago sends me to a point where my brain is full of fuck. I can’t believe what she says to me. It’s so forward, brazen, erotic, and cleansing that I can’t help but to look like Jackie Chan up there. In fact, I walk around most of the day looking like JC up there. Half of the time, I’m about to bust out in maniacal laughter. I can’t believe what I have done, what I want to do, and what I am going to do.

To see how we both act now is remarkable. We are so much happier together that our kids have responded positively. I’m having discussions with them that I never though would occur (not about swinging of course; do you think I’m crazy?). I’m happier around people at work and they are responding positively. I’m eating better, thinking better, sleeping better, and fucking better. I’m just better.

All that needed was to finally, plainly speak with my wife.

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  1. July 5, 2012 8:23 am

    maybe you should improve your articles, that would help us understand better.

    • blinkspunk permalink*
      July 12, 2012 9:58 am

      I agree. I’m always open for improvement. What areas should we do so?

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