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Shake the Disease

June 8, 2012

We can’t ever really know what’s going on.

This statement is so true in the swingers lifestyle as well as the gay lifestyle, the BDSM lifestyle, and even the vanilla lifestyle. In the swingers lifestyle, disease is one of my top concerns. The problem with disease is that much of it is hidden. You can test, you can ask, you can inspect, but ultimately you never really know what’s going on. I spoke with Doctor K. (my doc) this week about disease protection. He said condoms are the best bet, everything else is too uncertain. Even tests.

A commenter on this blog asked about our DTF policy (now defunct*) on the first date. He or she was fixated on disease tests as a precursor to play. The first problem with tests is that they give you only the picture that the person paid for. Some testes include the dates between the time the tests were taken and the results were generated and some do not. Some tests have a full listing on what was and was not tested and some only on what was tested. Additionally, the costs to run all of these tests can be pretty high (one source we asked charges $285 per test ) and insurance may or may not drop you if you test positive (usually you have to agree not to engage in high-risk behaviors when you sign up).

The second problem is this: Tests are really for you, not your playmate in my opinion. They are for people who were tested – for  peace of mind – and not really for the peace of mind for your partner. You could be tested one week and be infected the next, thereby making your test worthless. When someone says to me “The last time I was tested…” I ask them if they fucked since they were tested. If they have their test is now worthless.

Now, tests have some worth. The peace of mind aspect is worth its weight in gold, but if you are actively playing, you should include other means to stay clean.

I’ll post more on this topic as I cull more data.

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  1. June 8, 2012 5:27 am

    Good post. Important information, especially for new people.
    And who better to hear it from than other new people like yourselves.

    One correction: no one was “fixated”.

    • blinkspunk permalink*
      June 8, 2012 6:57 am

      Thanks. More to come. The raw data regarding STD/STI in the swinging lifestyle is sparse. Most of the information is sensationalist and lumps swingers in with other alt lifestyles which increases the margin for error and lowers the confidence of the data.

      Regarding fixation, this was your comment: “Researched it? Sources? I was actually just interested in your experience with tests.” I derived your fixation from that comment and I did not consider it a bad issue because that comment would be answered in a later post. Ergo, no correction is necessary.

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