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She Said/He Said – Wine, Cheese & Local Party

June 24, 2012

She Said ~ OMG!!! Last weekend was fabulous! I have noted that we missed posting about the weekend before, and we probably will get to that. There were good things about the weekend before and terribly horrible things about the weekend before. Thankfully, this weekend totally washed the previous away. So, this weekend – I have a huge smile on my face as I type this 🙂

Wine & Cheese Kasidie hosts a Girls Uncorked group in various areas all over the United States, and last Friday a couple who live relatively close to us, M & M,  hosted a Girls Uncorked and Guys Too Luau party. As the day got closer Blinkspunk wondered how this was going to work – a non play party for swingers! Well, of course, it worked out just like any other Meet & Greet, but with wine and appetizers. Every couple had to bring a bottle of wine, their own wine glass, and several people brought various types of appetizers. The evening went very smoothly with us all ending sitting around a very warm patio heater and chatting into the wee hours of the night. We met quite a few couples and spent time with couples that we had met at a local swingers club a few weeks ago. Again, I have to say that there’s something to be said for flirting and the anticipation of getting closer to people at a later date. The husband of one of the cohosting couples, M. of M. & B.,  has shown an interest in me since we met them at the local swingers club a number of weeks ago. Everyone spent equal time talking with most of the people there, which was a nice balance to the conversation, but when we were leaving M. of M. and B. talked us up for a little while and made sure to give me two very feely/grabby hugs (with a kiss on the cheek) on the way out. The whole evening left met feeling good about all the various couples that we met and made me feel little extra sexy from all the attention.

Local Party

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Saturday, we went to a party put on by R. & M. who live in a town very close to us – literally near streets where we grew up and near friends that we grew up with. The party was a backyard party – no play in the house – with four outside tents that surrounded the perimeter of their huge backyard. Each tent had one to two mattresses inside. There were two DJ’s spinning pool side, and the party was BYOB with a bartender mixing drinks. Right when we arrived we ran into R. & H. who we met at a party in May. Since the May party I’ve been texting back and forth with H. They are a committed dating couple and following a lot of the same rules as married couples, though they do tend to play apart every once in a while. H. had come up to me during the May party and told me that she liked my boobs. That’s what started the friendship that we have now. I also spent time at the May party talking to R. who is this rugged, handsome, guy with a deep voice. Instant sexual energy! Though we saw many of the couples that have been to some of the parties that we’ve been going to, the most familiar were R. & H., Michael (a single guy), and Mr. and Mrs Primocouple – the later whom were invited by Blinkspunk. Blinkspunk and I had already discussed the possibility of him going off during the party to play separately with Mr. and Mrs. Primocouple. I am just not ready to play with them again because I’m wanting to play with other people so I agreed. Besides I really wanted to play with R. & H, who Blinkspunk agreed that I could go play with by myself. So, this was the first time that we had hall passes! It was crazy, but having a hall pass at a party is not quite the same as having a hall pass for an individual date. I guess it was more like playing in separate rooms. He really wanted to play with Mrs. Primocouple and I really wanted to play with R. & H., though H. also wanted to play with Blinkspunk. If you read some of the drama that went on during the May party you’ll understand that it’s hard to play with other couples when Primocouple are around, especially since Mrs. Primocouple is really into Blinkspunk. This time, even though I know that Mr. & Mrs. P went off for a bit and danced by themselves and met a few other people, they were really looking forward to an MFM with Blinkspunk. As a sort of side note, I also played with Michael, who had his eye on me since the last party. Blinkspunk and I had discussed me playing with him ahead of time, though when we discussed it Blinkspunk envisioned that he would be there. He spent a lot of time with Mr. & Mrs. P, so I took advantage of the time to play with Michael. Yeah, we played in a tent that wouldn’t zip up! There was also another couple playing in the tent with us. Because the tent wouldn’t zip up lots of people looked in and one guy took the liberties to sit in the chair that someone had stashed in the corner. Very surreal now that I think about it. The whole hall pass at the party worked out because we both knew how each other felt about all the people involved and what are limits were with each. So, this weekend our firsts were: First time with a hall pass, first time playing at a party, first time with a single guy, first MMF for Blinkspunk, and first FMF for me. Positives? No jealousy and Blinkspunk and I had a really good fuck when we got home from the party. I’m still in awe!

He Said ~

Wine & Cheese The Wine & Cheese party was nice. I didn’t know what to expect when Swingers get together without the possibility of playing. There was a simmering undercurrent of sexual play that was suppressed and masked by humor and camaraderie. There were about 10 couples in all from various backgrounds. The mood was good and spirited  and we met some really great people. I haven’t had so much wine in a while so my tongue was a bit looser but nothing was said that was uncouth. Thankfully. All in all it was good to see swingers as human beings and not over sexual people.

Local Party

So, yeah. The party was hella good. Mercy went through a lot of good parts already so I won’t rehash. Needless to say I chose to be rather clueless about the drama that was going on behind the scenes. I came to the party to just meet people and have fun. That’s it. I wasn’t ready to play and I wasn’t even looking for it. I just wanted to hang out. Weird thing is, sometimes nothing goes the way you want it.

According to all parties later on, H. and Mrs. Primocouple (Mrs. P) were throwing daggers over who was going to get me that night. I don’t know why – not a feckless clue and situational awareness is my strength! H is a lot of fun, a 5’7″ athletic blonde with a body that won’t quit. Upbeat personality and I think she wants a friendship as well as a sexual relationship so I’m cool with that. Mrs. P.  is quite the opposite. She’s a brunette died auburn, 5’3″ – 5’5″ and BBW thick. Rather intense personality and a sharp mind and we’ve developed a friendship. We are on FB and send goofy intellectual stuff to each other all of the time. So we have a connection. Her husband and I hit it off pretty well and so we all get along pretty good.

CORRECTION: To correct Mercy, I didn’t invite them to the party. I told them where it is and they contacted the hosts and were invited by them.

When Primocouple arrived, I introduced them around and pulled them into our circle. Mrs. P. became rather touchy-feely with me and her husband but I thought nothing of it. I continued to talk to people and be inclusive bringing more people into our circle. H and I engaged in a rather intense but vanilla conversation for about 10 minutes. I can’t even remember the topic, but I do remember that I wanted her. At this point the circle dissolved and I went and mingled with other people. When I came back, things were icy.

I sat across from H and we had a discussion about her legs (great BTW!) . When the conversation lulled, I could feel Mrs. P. shooting lasers into the side of my head. I turned and looked into the most intense stare I have ever received. So I started talking because that’s what I do when I am uncomfortable, talk. Somehow we ended up on the dance floor and I was sandwiched between Mrs.P and H  and still clueless as to what was going on. At this time, I had kept to mine and Mercy’s agreement to not play so I was asexual and just having fun. After the dance was over, that’s when everything changed.

I was asked to play by Primocouple and Mercy was asked to play by R & H. In our confab, I was scared to death. I didn’t know what this would mean for our relationship if we played separately. A lot of crazy shit ran through my mind in under 2 minutes. However, we both agreed that we wouldn’t know until we tried. I kissed her goodbye and went to Primocouple. Primocouple and I briefly danced then retreated to a tent. We played for quite a while. Mrs. P. was enjoying the attention and so was the husband. Lots of pics were taken.

I lost track of time and space until some weird stuff started happening outside. People were knocking into the tent and constantly opening the tent to have a peek inside. One time it killed my wood, another time it killed Mrs. P.’s orgasm. The worst was when H opened the tent and shouted “What’s going on in here?!” followed by R catcalling. That’s when I was done. Since R & H were clowning around, I figured Mercy was finished as well. I backed off Mrs. P., stood up, and started getting dressed. Primocouple did as well and we left the tent. Mrs. and Mr. P. was happier, but I was kind of miffed at the interruptions.

When I walked out, I made sure I thanked Primocouple and then looked for my wife. What I found made me both angry and afraid. There, in an unzipped tent, my wife was getting dressed after being with this single guy. Her “assets” were out there for all to see and there was another couple right next to them going at it. Surrounding the tent were three onlookers and one man was sitting in chair, no doubt watching the action. I bolted to the tent, shoved about two spectators out of the way and helped her up. I could literally feel the rage swelling and I was nearly going to punch Michael out. Mercy recognized this and talked me down. I managed to close the tent and waited outside while she got dressed. I asked her how her time was with R & H and with Michael. She said both were good. We said our farewells to everyone we knew and walked out with Primocouple. We said our goodbyes to them and drove away.

Now, I didn’t want to create a scene there and spill out the drama. Plus, I didn’t quite process what had happened and I needed to ask questions to be sure of my suspicions. So when Mercy and I drove home I asked her a ton of questions. I reiterated that the hall pass was for R & H only. I stated that she went off the reservation and put herself in a bad situation that could have gotten worse. Worst of all, I couldn’t protect her if something had gone wrong.

She Said Again~

I feel the need to jump back in. This post is a long time coming because we did have to work through some things. The funny thing? We didn’t realize the need to work through anything until a few days after the party.

I think one of our strengths is that we don’t (or try not to) cause drama at the scene. And, many times, most people won’t even know that we have any internal turmoil happening. Over the last week we’ve discussed what happened that night regarding Michael. We’ve made promises to communicate better – I realized that protecting my husband’s trust is paramount in this lifestyle – and we’ve learned how to move on realizing that we also need to communicate well with those around us because we will be seeing them again. There’s nothing worse then showing up at an event and realizing that you might have a bad time because “he” or “she” is there and you had a bad experience with them prior.

One of the things that we hope you appreciate as a reader is our candor. We want people to realize that the Lifestyle is incredibly fun, but because we are all human with human feelings and emotions, every encounter can cause us to reflect and grow in ways that we would not have without these experiences in our lives.

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  1. June 29, 2012 11:55 am

    Great post. Very help information thanks for posting 🙂

    • July 6, 2012 2:31 pm

      Thank you for reading. We are a bit long-winded, but we are having a great time in the lifestyle and wanted to blog about it to help others make the transition.

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