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To Stay or Not to Stay?

July 8, 2012

We’ve had this post in queue for a while. After our first playdate we checked out of the room at 3 o’clock in the morning and went home. Neither we nor the couple we played

with stayed at the hotel. Of course, it was a rather seedy Motel 6 and staying wasn’t very appetizing. Plus, we’d just met the couple that night and just felt like we should go home after that first exciting experience.

Since that first time we’ve had playdates in hotels, private residences, and at parties. In the instance when play time takes place in a hotel, though, do you stay or not after play time is over? I prefer play time to take place in a hotel or private residence because you are able to take the time to make play time memorable. And, I think a hotel is even better because, if I or the Mr. make the reservation arrangements, we can decide to stay after the other couple leaves. Our last hotel play date lasted until 3 a.m. until we all passed out on the bed for about an hour. Then the other couple had to go because they had some morning activities that they had to attend to. Blinkspunk and I stayed after they left and had sex again! There’s nothing that says that we couldn’t have gone home and had sex with each other after the play time, but really – how often do you get to stay in a nice hotel room with a down comforter to die for?? Yes, our second hotel adventure took place at the Doubletree hotel. Much nicer than the Motel 6 from the first time.

So, my question to you: Do you stay or not stay? Even in the instance where you’ve played at a residence, have you stayed before? Under what conditions would you feel comfortable staying?

~ Mercy ~

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