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Different Strokes for Different Folks

October 1, 2012

One of us has probably said something about the variety of people that you’ll meet in the lifestyle. There are people that prefer to meet and fuck others at parties. There are those that might have a nice little group of friends that they may or may not play with on occasion  There are those that have one or two favorite couples that they play with whenever they can. There are those that build tight relationships with couples or onside of a couple and play separately. There are those that talk a good game, but when playtime comes you realize that they are not as experienced at the game as they seem.

Blink and I may not have a whole lot of experience, but I think that our maturity and seriousness about communicating with each other puts us in a different playing field then others who are as young as we are in the lifestyle. Blink and I have discovered that we like to play separate as well as together, but we’ve also learned that we have to limit the separate times – meaning that playing separate will not become the norm. That being said, I’ve just realized that it’s been over a month since I’ve played with Blink and another couple. We’ll have to work on that this month. The last time we played together was at a hotel birthday party. We have definitely slowed down since the summer time. We’ve had a few more weekends just to ourselves and have spent time just hanging out with people – watching football games, attending meet and greets, and hopefully soon we’ll do a little bowling with one of the couples that we’ve recently met.

Blink and I are definitely the type that likes to socialize. We like to build friendships. We like to play with the same people more than once or twice. We like that familiarity. Some people don’t want that and that’s okay. Some people can’t handle that, and that’s okay. Searching for that right combination can be fun or it can be frustrating. For me over the summer, it was definitely frustrating. Blink had found people in the lifestyle that he’d clicked with very well, but that click didn’t happen for me with that same couple. Now, we have K & M – I have a great relationship with K and Blink is still trying to build that friendship with M.

For those of you in the lifestyle – whether you’ve been in the lifestyle for years or just a short period of time – what do you want out of the lifestyle? Do you build friendships or are you satisfied with the acquaintances  Or do you simply fuck them and leave them?

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