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Good things that go sideways Part one

October 5, 2012

Blink here and sometimes things just don’t quite click. Take last night for instance. We met with a couple (C&L) for a second chance meeting.

Our first encounter was not good. They invited us to a house party run by Gandalf and included group Hobbit sex. Saruman was jacking it to porno in a hot tub. The back yard looked like Fangorn forest and I’ll bet you 10-to-1 Treebeard was running the place. We also got a chance to view some nauseating Orc action on a chair (open sores and all, echhh). The house was as hot as Mordor and probably smelled the same. Everything was grimy and after seeing the Orcs fucking, Mercy and I bolted.

In addition, C smoke roots and basically smoked himself into oblivion. He shut down and was quiet the rest of the night. L was great -funny, warm, dynamic and engaging. The three of us (Mercy, L, and myself) had a great conversation. It was hard to leave, but Orc sex stains the soul.

Side note: We are finding this a lot in this LS. The guy will be a dud, but the woman will be dynamite. I can’t tell you how many married and dating couples we’ve had to turn down because she was incredible and the guy was not on his game. 

I stayed in contact with L and after explaining why we left so fast, we agreed to meet again. Because September is Mercy’s month to be the sexretary, I let Mercy take over on the logistics of setting up the meeting.

We met them last night at a hotel  bar over drinks and everything was good for a while. The conversation of C was funny and engaging. L was L, which was good and Mercy and I were keeping things going. Then C goes out for a smoke. When he comes back, HOLY SHIT, he was lit up and smelled like some strong root. Then he got nasty. He felt threatened that we (Mercy and I) preferred to meet and greet before play and that we want to play with the hope of having a second or third play time. In other words, no one night stands. That’s why we go through the effort to meet with people first. In his words “I don’t need you gettin’ inta her head”, and “Y’all got this [lifestyle] ass backward!” He then proceed to get up and stand behind his chair which was a signal that the meeting was over. L got up to leave and C just left her behind as he quickly exited the hotel Mercy and I walked with L and made a tentative playdate with her on October 5. I don’t think it will happen, sadly.

On our drive home, I was disappointed that it ended like it did and I racked my brain trying to find out how it could have ended better. Mercy just shrugged and said, “If it was meant to be, it would be meant to be..”

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