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Naughty Facebook

December 6, 2012

Naughty Facebook!

Naughty Facebook!

Blink here. Naughty Facebook (NF), as a few call it, is really just Facebook privatized. The groups are private and so are the posts (provided Facebook’s security updates don’t open them all up) so posting a nasty picture or video isn’t seen by the general public at large if your posts are protected or within a protected group. Imagine how “wild” regular Facebook is: how you can vector into others posts, comment on anything and everything, “share” content from others to post on your own threads, etc. With Naughty Facebook, the pics are more X-rated, the vids are more X-rated, and the comments are definitely more X-rated, so the wildness can spread your information far and wide.

NF offers a different experience from Kasidie and SLS and similar websites. You have less work to do to get together with people and it’s a much more fluid, rapid result experience. The trade-off is that you are more exposed and more at risk for your activity than a protected system like Kasidie. Currently, we have a NF acquaintance who has had her private photos and videos emailed to her FB family and friends by a vindictive rival. There is no ombudsman for this as FB will ban you for having that content up in the first place if you try to go to alert them, so now we are watching her unravel as she has to deal with this mess.

Now, occasionally, the errant post or pic runs upsets someone and they report you. The amount of time you are banned varies on the offense and the number of offenses you’ve committed in the past. As of this posting Mercy and I are banned from posting for three days because someone in a group reported us. I think the next time it will be a week. Some others we know have been longer. Being banned sucks because it feels as if life goes right by you. You are the kid in the classroom watching the other kids on the playground. Not fun. So be very careful on what you put up on FB as it may get you kicked.

If you are going this route, here are a few words of advice.

  • Delete your photos after a period of time or at a certain time of the day. It will prevent you from getting banned and you don’t have to rely on someone else doing it for you.
  • Use an alternative profile other than your regular profile. Keep them separate – friends, interests, and all.
  • Limit your friends list, just like regular Facebook and keep the number of groups to a minimum.
  • Try not to piss anyone off and have fun. People you don’t see can be the most cutting and vindictive.

UPDATE 12/11: Facebook ToS policing went crazy over the weekend and several friends were put on suspension. So it’s fun, but watch what you do.

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