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Do Your Playmates Know . . . .

December 25, 2012

Kiss youDo your playmates know how much you like to play with them? Now, I’m talking about the ones that you really like to play with. The playmates that turn you on just by being in the room with them. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or do you play it cool? Do you hold back because you don’t want to rock the boat with your spouse? Do you hold back because you are just plain uncomfortable sharing your feelings in that way with someone who is not your spouse? Does your spouse know what turns you on?

I ask these questions because in the lifestyle I haven’t come across very many people that share the hard truth about the things that have changed the course of how they play or how they relate to those that they play with. My favorite playmate (besides BlinkSpunk who is my absolute favorite) is K. He knows exactly how much he turns me on. We’ve built a great friendship and have grown close enough to share those things. But, what about those people that you’ve played with only once or twice? Maybe you haven’t played with them at all because the circumstances haven’t been right, but have still built a great friendship.

Do you share what you are thinking and what you are feeling or do you keep those things to yourself?

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