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What is Your Kryptonite?

December 25, 2012

Arms - Kryptonite

I’ve come the realize what physical attributes make a man sexy to me.  Muscular arms can get me salivating like there’s no tomorrow. And if the guy has tattoos – even better.

Blink and I have touched on the fact that after 18 years of monogamy we’ve  had to work through what is attractive to us. Just because someone makes you laugh doesn’t mean that you will have a good time in the sack. Well, there really are no guarantees for a good time in the sack, but attraction is definitely a first step towards your interest in spending that special time with someone. The other piece of the pie for me is whether or not the guy is interested in me. I think, for such a long time I was unattractive (definitely felt that way) and didn’t seem to ever hold a guys attention. So, if a guy shows interest in me, I will tend to overlook many of his outward . . .short comings. Do not mistake that with accepting guys that are short. Can’t seem to get to the place where having sex with a guy shorter than me is okay – haven’t met that special guy yet. There are some people who did not catch my eye the first time that I met them, but I’ve come to find that familiarity breeds attraction.

L, the model in the photo, is an example of my Kryptonite. He gave me permission to post this photo – hopefully, he remembers that consent 🙂 L ,and his wife H, are a couple that we met a few of months ago through other couples who are friends of ours. Over the last few months the attraction has grown. We’ve seen each other at parties, meet & greets, and other gatherings. I would venture to say that in the month of December my attraction to L went from 10 mph to 120 mph in about two weeks. Why, you ask? We had the opportunity to spend some time with L & H, hanging out at a local bar, just the four of us. Of course, when swingers get to talking, we talk about what we like and don’t like about the lifestyle, the types of people that we enjoy playing with, what types of play that we are into, and sometimes we talk about the things that drive us wild. On top of conversation, I love flirting, kissing, and touching. Every time we’ve seen them the opportunity for more touching and kissing has come up. Like I wrote above, if guys show me attention I’m over the moon. To top it off H is not shy about girl play during foursome encounters! Woot, woot! I’m excited about that, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic of discussion for another day.

So, what about you? What gets you all hot and bothered?

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