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Mercy’s Annual F*ck List

December 26, 2012

MandTSo, I was thinking over the past year about how many men I’ve had sex with and was a little amazed. No, it’s not a huge number, but seeing how I have lived a monogamous life for 18 years, this year was a huge change. I figured that I would keep track annually because keeping a ‘forever’ running list would just be too overwhelming.

We’ve been swinging now for just about 8 months. Blink and I have gone through the myriad of emotions, adjustments to our rules, and various experiences that have made our heads spin. Someone had asked on one of our Naughty Facebook groups whether or not anyone had any regrets regarding sexual encounters. Most people began to answer no, but Blink was the first one to raise his hand with a strong YES! Now, both of us have had some very bad experiences, but overall I am grateful for the bad experiences just as well as the good. The bad experiences make us more seasoned, help us to determine what we will and will not accept, and what we do and absolutely do not like. Every experience has its own special worth. To read more about the experiences we’ve had please read some of our older posts.

On with the list!

1. Mr. and Mrs. Primocouple were our first. While I do not play with the husband any longer, Blink continues to have a strong friendship and sexual relationship with Mrs. P. (April 28, May, June)

2. B & F – were basically a one night stand. (May)

3. The couple that shall not be named – Another one night stand that was a huge regret, but one that helped define the types of people that we’ll hang out with and the types of people that we’ll f*ck. For both of us I believe this instance was only soft swap. (June)

4. R & H – My first threesome and FFM! It was also my first party play. While it was fun I decided at that time that I do not prefer party play because its too quick. This was also the first time that Blink and I played separately. We’d been playing for two months at this time. (June)

5. M – My first single guy. This was at the same party as R & H. Wasn’t one of my shining moments. It was also the moment that Blink and I realized that we each thought of the lifestyle in different ways.  (June)

6. S – Oral sex at our first hotel party. (July)

7. J  & G- Oral sex at the same hotel party. Third time with a girl. (July)

8. F – Oral sex at his birthday party. Second hotel party, but much, much nicer than the first. (August)

9. D – Intercourse at the same birthday party. (August)

Up to this point I was having an interesting time, but hadn’t found that special person that I really enjoyed. I was beginning to get despondent about my playmates. I wanted to find someone that we could return to time and again. Then we met K & M.

10. K & M – They were our first black couple. Not only were they our first black couple, but K was the first person that didn’t cause me any pain. Is that a strange thing to say? Usually, I feel pain during oral sex because the guy sucks the wrong place too hard or bites! Do their wives really like that? K was also the first person that I had a hall pass with outside of a party situation. The unfortunate and frustrating thing is that M is going through some things, so I no longer play with K. It was short lived, but Blink and I really began to define the Four Types of Love in the Lifestyle at this point. While K and I have put sex on hold we still continue our friendship. (August, September)

11. G & V – Birthday sex!! OMG! This was the one and only time that we’ve played with G & V because of scheduling, but besides Blink and the male half of The Couple That Shall Not Be Named, G is the only person that has given me the best oral sex. They are also the second black couple that we’ve played with. (October)

Blink and I had our first FFM together, but I really don’t count this in my list because the other girl was not into girls. Yeah, another learning moment for us.

12. T – My first MMF. T is a single guy from San Diego whom we met through one of our Naughty Facebook groups. Had a fabulous time, but my desire for a DP (double penetration) was not accomplished that night lol The fantasy lives on! (November)

13. D & T – This is a couple that we’ve known for a number of months. Attraction has grown over the time that we’ve known them and they are great friends. (December)

14. L & H – Our first mixed couple. L is the model for my Kryptonite post 🙂 (December)

So, there you have it. Many lessons learned and 14 guys in 8 months. I wonder what next year will bring?

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  2. February 20, 2013 4:32 am

    Love this…

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