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Different Ways To Meet People in the Lifestyle

December 28, 2012

house_party_green2When Blink and I first started swinging we tried several different ways to meet people until we found the right fit for us. We determined after two months that there are four main ways that you can meet people in this lifestyle:

1. Meet & Greet (M&G) – M&G’s are no pressure events that usually take place at a local bar or other venue where people can go to relax and mingle. There are usually no cover charge for these events, but sometimes they are held at a location where there could be a two drink minimum.

2. Online Swinger Site – There are several swinger sites with one of the biggest being There are paid and unpaid memberships to the site.

3. House Party – Often through the online sites is where you’ll find information about local swinger house parties in your area. Out here in Southern California the average entry fee that you’ll pay as a couple is $40.

4. Swing Club – Swing clubs often are on-premise parties where you will have a bar/dance area coupled with play areas in a different part of the club. Swing clubs usually ask for an annual membership fee as well as an entrance fee every time you visit. The average entry fee is around $60.

Early on we decided that house parties and M&G’s were the way to go. We wanted to gain a group of friends that we would feel familiar with. We are not the type of swingers to ‘hit it and quit it’ as some folks are. We find it more arousing to get to know a couple before playing with them. I, personally, appreciate the time spent to break down the barriers of nervousness. While we still have memberships with and Kasidie we don’t use those sites on a constant basis to find new playmates. We have found local friends that use Naughty Facebook to communicate on a regular basis. It’s the place where we post parties, dirty thoughts, flirt, laugh, and get to know each other even better.

Where do you like to meet people?

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