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Sinful Sunday

December 30, 2012

IMG_20121230_221516Enjoy the Sinful Sunday eye candy. This is one of my best assets 🙂

A Year In Review – Our Best Posts of 2012

December 30, 2012


The year is almost at a close and I just realized two days ago that I haven’t even thought of New Years Resolutions. Habitually, I have always started thinking about my resolutions anytime we enter the month of December. Why was this year different? I’m wondering if it’s because our decision to swing this year has made things so much better that I haven’t thought about how much better I could make next year.

I know that before new plans and goals can be made it is always good practice to reflect on the year just passing. So, before Blink and I take a look at what we want for this blog in the new year, I thought that we’d take the opportunity to highlight our 10 best posts from 2012. Enjoy!

10. She Said/He Said – Swinger’s Algebra (Patriotic Party)

9. Mercy’s Annual F*ck List

8. She Said/He Said – Our First

7. House Parties, Clubs, and Playdates

6. The Unbearable Lightness of Swinging

5. Blogroll

4. Naughty Facebook

3. Being Prepared – The Sex Kit

2. To Stay or Not to Stay

1. Communication – To Protect or Not to Protect

Different Ways To Meet People in the Lifestyle

December 28, 2012

house_party_green2When Blink and I first started swinging we tried several different ways to meet people until we found the right fit for us. We determined after two months that there are four main ways that you can meet people in this lifestyle:

1. Meet & Greet (M&G) – M&G’s are no pressure events that usually take place at a local bar or other venue where people can go to relax and mingle. There are usually no cover charge for these events, but sometimes they are held at a location where there could be a two drink minimum.

2. Online Swinger Site – There are several swinger sites with one of the biggest being There are paid and unpaid memberships to the site.

3. House Party – Often through the online sites is where you’ll find information about local swinger house parties in your area. Out here in Southern California the average entry fee that you’ll pay as a couple is $40.

4. Swing Club – Swing clubs often are on-premise parties where you will have a bar/dance area coupled with play areas in a different part of the club. Swing clubs usually ask for an annual membership fee as well as an entrance fee every time you visit. The average entry fee is around $60.

Early on we decided that house parties and M&G’s were the way to go. We wanted to gain a group of friends that we would feel familiar with. We are not the type of swingers to ‘hit it and quit it’ as some folks are. We find it more arousing to get to know a couple before playing with them. I, personally, appreciate the time spent to break down the barriers of nervousness. While we still have memberships with and Kasidie we don’t use those sites on a constant basis to find new playmates. We have found local friends that use Naughty Facebook to communicate on a regular basis. It’s the place where we post parties, dirty thoughts, flirt, laugh, and get to know each other even better.

Where do you like to meet people?

Mercy’s Annual F*ck List

December 26, 2012

MandTSo, I was thinking over the past year about how many men I’ve had sex with and was a little amazed. No, it’s not a huge number, but seeing how I have lived a monogamous life for 18 years, this year was a huge change. I figured that I would keep track annually because keeping a ‘forever’ running list would just be too overwhelming.

We’ve been swinging now for just about 8 months. Blink and I have gone through the myriad of emotions, adjustments to our rules, and various experiences that have made our heads spin. Someone had asked on one of our Naughty Facebook groups whether or not anyone had any regrets regarding sexual encounters. Most people began to answer no, but Blink was the first one to raise his hand with a strong YES! Now, both of us have had some very bad experiences, but overall I am grateful for the bad experiences just as well as the good. The bad experiences make us more seasoned, help us to determine what we will and will not accept, and what we do and absolutely do not like. Every experience has its own special worth. To read more about the experiences we’ve had please read some of our older posts.

On with the list!

1. Mr. and Mrs. Primocouple were our first. While I do not play with the husband any longer, Blink continues to have a strong friendship and sexual relationship with Mrs. P. (April 28, May, June)

2. B & F – were basically a one night stand. (May)

3. The couple that shall not be named – Another one night stand that was a huge regret, but one that helped define the types of people that we’ll hang out with and the types of people that we’ll f*ck. For both of us I believe this instance was only soft swap. (June)

4. R & H – My first threesome and FFM! It was also my first party play. While it was fun I decided at that time that I do not prefer party play because its too quick. This was also the first time that Blink and I played separately. We’d been playing for two months at this time. (June)

5. M – My first single guy. This was at the same party as R & H. Wasn’t one of my shining moments. It was also the moment that Blink and I realized that we each thought of the lifestyle in different ways.  (June)

6. S – Oral sex at our first hotel party. (July)

7. J  & G- Oral sex at the same hotel party. Third time with a girl. (July)

8. F – Oral sex at his birthday party. Second hotel party, but much, much nicer than the first. (August)

9. D – Intercourse at the same birthday party. (August)

Up to this point I was having an interesting time, but hadn’t found that special person that I really enjoyed. I was beginning to get despondent about my playmates. I wanted to find someone that we could return to time and again. Then we met K & M.

10. K & M – They were our first black couple. Not only were they our first black couple, but K was the first person that didn’t cause me any pain. Is that a strange thing to say? Usually, I feel pain during oral sex because the guy sucks the wrong place too hard or bites! Do their wives really like that? K was also the first person that I had a hall pass with outside of a party situation. The unfortunate and frustrating thing is that M is going through some things, so I no longer play with K. It was short lived, but Blink and I really began to define the Four Types of Love in the Lifestyle at this point. While K and I have put sex on hold we still continue our friendship. (August, September)

11. G & V – Birthday sex!! OMG! This was the one and only time that we’ve played with G & V because of scheduling, but besides Blink and the male half of The Couple That Shall Not Be Named, G is the only person that has given me the best oral sex. They are also the second black couple that we’ve played with. (October)

Blink and I had our first FFM together, but I really don’t count this in my list because the other girl was not into girls. Yeah, another learning moment for us.

12. T – My first MMF. T is a single guy from San Diego whom we met through one of our Naughty Facebook groups. Had a fabulous time, but my desire for a DP (double penetration) was not accomplished that night lol The fantasy lives on! (November)

13. D & T – This is a couple that we’ve known for a number of months. Attraction has grown over the time that we’ve known them and they are great friends. (December)

14. L & H – Our first mixed couple. L is the model for my Kryptonite post 🙂 (December)

So, there you have it. Many lessons learned and 14 guys in 8 months. I wonder what next year will bring?

What is Your Kryptonite?

December 25, 2012

Arms - Kryptonite

I’ve come the realize what physical attributes make a man sexy to me.  Muscular arms can get me salivating like there’s no tomorrow. And if the guy has tattoos – even better.

Blink and I have touched on the fact that after 18 years of monogamy we’ve  had to work through what is attractive to us. Just because someone makes you laugh doesn’t mean that you will have a good time in the sack. Well, there really are no guarantees for a good time in the sack, but attraction is definitely a first step towards your interest in spending that special time with someone. The other piece of the pie for me is whether or not the guy is interested in me. I think, for such a long time I was unattractive (definitely felt that way) and didn’t seem to ever hold a guys attention. So, if a guy shows interest in me, I will tend to overlook many of his outward . . .short comings. Do not mistake that with accepting guys that are short. Can’t seem to get to the place where having sex with a guy shorter than me is okay – haven’t met that special guy yet. There are some people who did not catch my eye the first time that I met them, but I’ve come to find that familiarity breeds attraction.

L, the model in the photo, is an example of my Kryptonite. He gave me permission to post this photo – hopefully, he remembers that consent 🙂 L ,and his wife H, are a couple that we met a few of months ago through other couples who are friends of ours. Over the last few months the attraction has grown. We’ve seen each other at parties, meet & greets, and other gatherings. I would venture to say that in the month of December my attraction to L went from 10 mph to 120 mph in about two weeks. Why, you ask? We had the opportunity to spend some time with L & H, hanging out at a local bar, just the four of us. Of course, when swingers get to talking, we talk about what we like and don’t like about the lifestyle, the types of people that we enjoy playing with, what types of play that we are into, and sometimes we talk about the things that drive us wild. On top of conversation, I love flirting, kissing, and touching. Every time we’ve seen them the opportunity for more touching and kissing has come up. Like I wrote above, if guys show me attention I’m over the moon. To top it off H is not shy about girl play during foursome encounters! Woot, woot! I’m excited about that, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic of discussion for another day.

So, what about you? What gets you all hot and bothered?

Do Your Playmates Know . . . .

December 25, 2012

Kiss youDo your playmates know how much you like to play with them? Now, I’m talking about the ones that you really like to play with. The playmates that turn you on just by being in the room with them. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or do you play it cool? Do you hold back because you don’t want to rock the boat with your spouse? Do you hold back because you are just plain uncomfortable sharing your feelings in that way with someone who is not your spouse? Does your spouse know what turns you on?

I ask these questions because in the lifestyle I haven’t come across very many people that share the hard truth about the things that have changed the course of how they play or how they relate to those that they play with. My favorite playmate (besides BlinkSpunk who is my absolute favorite) is K. He knows exactly how much he turns me on. We’ve built a great friendship and have grown close enough to share those things. But, what about those people that you’ve played with only once or twice? Maybe you haven’t played with them at all because the circumstances haven’t been right, but have still built a great friendship.

Do you share what you are thinking and what you are feeling or do you keep those things to yourself?

PoTD: Go to pound town on the Fuck truck

December 13, 2012


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