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House Parties, Clubs, and Playdates

June 9, 2012

We’ve  experienced the lifestyle in three different ways so far.

House Parties

A house party is similar to a club, but on a smaller scale. Generally, all bedrooms are used for play. Sometimes another room in thrown into the mix and used as a group room. We’ve been to two different house parties thus far and both had things that were very different about them. The first party had a little bit of an older crowd. The house was two stories with four bedrooms available for play. The evening started off rather slow with people mingling and getting to know each other. Many of the people that were regulars kind of stuck to themselves in the beginning, but eventually started mingling and getting to know other people. A dominatrix was among the crowd and gave a show, whipping some into submission against one of the pylons in the living room. Her and her boyfriend also brought a Sybian. We had some really good conversations and got to know quite a few people. In part, this is because we walked up to people we didn’t know and struck up a conversation, and sometimes people came up to us.

The second house party was a little bit of a smaller house – one story – but this one had the group room as well as three other rooms made watching a little harder because of the layout. However,  they had lots of space outside to mingle and talk with people. They had a DJ mixing music in the living room, which was cleared of furniture. I liked that it allowed for some sexy dancing to get the guests all whipped up.  It was a Patriotic themed party, so the hosts also had some giveaways for best costume and most beads collected by the women (think Mardi Gras – flash the boobs, get the beads). Again, we had a blast getting to know a whole new crowd of people and having some fun.

We feel that house parties allow you to talk with people in a quieter environment than that of a club which allows for better conversation/screening, but your experience at a party is what you make it. Sitting on the sidelines like a wall flower or being shy will not have you wanting to come back to house parties in the future, so make the most of the opportunity and get out there! Meet people.

Swinger Clubs

Swinger clubs have most things that a regular club (a vanilla club) has: A rockin’ dance floor, a lounge area, dim lights, and a DJ spinning a variety of music. Then there are a lot of things that a regular club would not have: porn playing on the tv screens in the bar area, lockers, showers, and a whole section in the back filled with cubbies that people are encouraged to have sex in! The club that we go to also has a soft BDSM room. A few of the rooms and cubbies have one-way windows so that others can see in, but if you are in the room you can’t see out – for the voyeurism in all of us! Often the music is playing rather loud and speaking with others becomes a little difficult. Also, I find that walking up to people you don’t know to make conversation is rather hard. I still have the sense that anyone I talk to is thinking that the only reason I’m talking to them is because I want to jump their bones – which is not the case, well not all the time anyway. 😉 Clubs, just like house parties, are good places to meet people that you’ve made a connection with in a forum, but didn’t want to go out to dinner with in case you don’t really click. I’m actually glad that we met this one couple at a meet and greet rather than going out to dinner with them because we found out that we really didn’t click with them. So, setting up to meet at a party or club without the promise to play is great! I would suggest, though, that somehow you do throw that in there saying something like – “You guys want to come out to the luau party? It would be great to meet you and if something happens – great! If not, I know we’ll all have a great time anyway because Mr. & Mrs. Host have some slamming parties!” (Did I just date myself with that lingo? LOL) The nice thing about a club is that they are usually open until either 4 am or 8 am depending on which day it is. This allows you to go back and play a couple of times with different people if you desire.


Playdates can take place at either a hotel or, if one of the couples is able to host at their house, at a private residence. The nice thing about a playdate is sex! You definitely have sex during a playdate, whereas you may or may not have sex at the club or at a house party, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s just about being around sexy people that is exciting. Our playdates have lasted HOURS. Like three to five hours. One last only two hours, but that’s because the other couple (well, one half of the couple) wasn’t a lot of fun. The important thing to remember for playdates is to bring water – yes, you will be thirsty as all get out! And don’t forget your sex kit, which is a staple for us every weekend. So, far we’ve only had playdates with couples, but we are definitely looking forward to some FFM (female/female/male) and MFM (male/female/male) interactions. Anyone ready to play?

I thought that I’d share this hilarious video that I found on – Shit that Swingers Say. All I can say is that it is so true. We’ve said many of the things in the video ourselves.

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